{Archived} Part 2: Cold Murder Case of Beverly Jarosz

Beverly Jarosz was slain in her Garfield Heights, Ohio home on December 28th, 1964. An unknown person made the decision to end this 16 year old's life by strangling her with a rope, and viciously stabbing her 42 times. On this Part 2 episode we will be speaking with an expert and discussing who we feel may have murdered Beverly, followed by a VERY special announcement. 

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The Medium

     Immediately following the release of our Podcast Episode on the Cold Murder of Beverly Jarosz, I started utilizing social media to share the case. Across several groups and forums I posted links for thousands of people to read and hear about the life of this beautiful girl whose life was ended too soon by the hands of another. If you haven't first listened or read about our first episode on Beverly (now Part 1) - I highly recommend you take a moment to go back to catch up so the details we speak about will make more sense on this episode. 

     In the mist of my frenzy to share this case on Facebook, a kind lady messaged me explaining her ability to "See and hear from those who have passed on." The sceptic in me continued with caution, first contacting Carol (Beverly's sister who we worked on the case with) to receive her input and thoughts about a medium - actually I think I referred to her as a 'Medium-Psychic thing'. I had zero experience with mediums prior to this contact, so to say I was a skeptic would be slightly an understatement. In fact my first impression was that this lady must have an alternative motive; albeit one that I could not find hiding in plain sight. Why would she lie? What would she have to gain? I had many questions for her, and I knew a quick google search would not suffice. 

     After a few minutes I received a response from Carol - explaining that after more than 50 years, she is willing to listen to anyone who may be offering honest help. "What could it hurt?" She was right, as Carol normally is; if this lady tells me what she wants to say and nothing of it is accurate or helpful, what would we lose? The more I thought about this medium, the more I came to the conclusion that after more than 50 years - traditional thinking hasn't been able to solve the case yet, so what could thinking outside the box hurt?

     So, I quickly reached back out to the Medium and explained I am willing to listen. She explained that she saw one of young girl's photos I shared on Facebook, and that although she isn't sure who the girl is, or why I was making a post about her, she started getting visions and felt she needed to share them with me. When I asked her if she listened to the Podcast episode, I surprisingly received a response asking me what a 'Podcast' was. I asked her again to confirm that she hadn't clicked on the link to Beverly's case log - and she explained that she did not want anything to hurt, change, or lead her visions so she did not click on the link. Admittedly, I felt cautious and immediately checked my website's data collection of readers/clickers to verify if she was being honest. I thought I would catch her in a lie in the very beginning, proving that she was a fraud.. However, there had been no visitors to my website from anyone in the city in California where this medium lived. She was telling the truth. 

The Vision

     “I am being shown a very very violent passing. Shown strangulation and a lot of violence, but I cannot see what more happened to her because my guide is protecting me from seeing it. But I see the severity of violence, and the man that did this had no other intention than to kill her. She put up as much as a fight as she could, however her soul was not in her body for the most of it, as she was taken by Angels so she wouldn’t have to suffer. I see a young man, possibly in very early 20s... brown hair... did not look like the sort at all, in fact no one would have thought him to be the kind. The name Tom or Tommy comes in, in relation somehow either to her, family, or in relation to the killer. I’m not sure what significance the name has. He enjoyed stalking her, they had met a time or two before, but she was not interested in him. Which is odd, because I see him as a clean cut good looking guy, she says she just felt something off/odd about him. He first met her in a store or public place, that is how he first became interested in her. She caught his eye, she fit what he was looking for.

     She was a very free child like spirit, she knew she would not live a very long life. The people in her life were very important to her. She did have a good amount of friends, but one that she felt close has been hurting for many years. She says her friend would have never hurt her, she sends her love to her friend. She says she could have been hurt too, but angels intervened to prevent more evil. I see Beverly surrounded by light. Healed. And beautiful. I am being told the month of August is important. She wants her family to know she loves and misses them. I am being shown her laughing, acting goofy with her best friend, it’s a big laugh, I am seeing them looking at magazines together. I am being shown her eating a piece of pie as well, not sure why, looks to be pumpkin pie. The name chris now comes to me, not sure why. I am seeing this man in trouble, possibly behind bars at some point in his life for getting caught doing something wrong. I am being shown Christmas. The word Jamboree. The number 99 comes into sight. The numbers are very big. She tells me her family was everything to her, she sees how hard this has been on them. It has been hard for her to see how hard it has been on them.

     The man that did this has a hate for women. He enjoyed the stalking. There have been others. He is a serial offender, a sociopath. I see him as hiding in her bedroom closet. I see curtains flying in a window. The man is sort of handsome, but has very dark eyes.. like the kind you would get chills from. He did not think twice about killing her, no regret. He could try to put on a charm, but his mind is crazy. I see her having a child-like innocence about her. A true beauty in every sense of the word. She never seemed to meet a stranger. Was trusting of people. She had spoken to this man before, but I do not see them as ever being friends. I feel he intended to rape her, but she fought harder than he anticipated. I am confused as to why they weren’t able to pull DNA from her finger nails, because she keeps showing me her fingernails. Her friend, was protected by angels. Guarded. Prevented. She was not intended to be his victim so she was protected. She would have been killed. This is why I am seeing the open window with curtains flowing, it is symbolic of her friend being protected. Again, I am feeling him hid in a closet in the room she was killed in. I am feeling him as a stalker. “But something was taken and kept. I am still being showed her fingernails. He had scratches. I see him in dark clothing. Wearing leather gloves, worn because he was planning to use the rope. I see him working on cars. Either in a shop or as a hobby. 

     One thing that people left behind need to understand, and these are her words, is that the ideas come to people for a reason.  People are put in your path for another. She loves her story being told because she feels it helping with healing. She had always wanted her poetry to be shared, that is why she wrote it..

     She is saying her story needed to be told, and there are countless others. She is happy with the work being done. She wants you to know that your lives have been aligned for a purpose. You share a similar heart. You feel similarly.  If she was still alive, she would have her poetry published. She wants people to read it, it demonstrates who she truly was. She wants to share her gifts that she brought to earth with her, in the form of words.

     He did not like being turned down. He stalked her first before trying to talk to her. She then turned him down, which made him mad. If the case is solved, it will be less meaningful to Beverly than it will for the ones she left behind. It will help them the most.

     You have a gift Shane. You can connect to people in a way that is special. These people you are helping, their loved ones that have passed on, they are thankful for you and your gift being used for this purpose.

     As I close my eyes, I ask to be shown more about Beverly’s Murder. I am asking to see the face of the man that did this. I am being shown the end of her struggle, I am seeing it as if I am there. He has turned and is looking at me, there are those dark eyes… his hair has fallen in his face and I very clearly see him wearing glasses... I am seeing these dark, careless, angered eyes. I am being shown the evil that he contains, more fragments of the story are coming in, and the last moments of her life. I am reminded of how he stalked her, like he has stalked others, I can see a very charming man who is very dark inside. Serial. The number 3. I feel there are more, but this is either his first or one of his first. He may have only admitted to a little, he is hiding more. He is still dangerous. He could not contain his anger; this is being reaffirmed. The more she struggled, the more it pissed him off. I see a man with no remorse. A man with the devil inside him. I see him again, turning and looking at me... hair falling in his face and looking through his glasses. It is physically giving me the chills. There are two sides to this man. He can get people to trust him, but he was sneaky this time to be sure they would be alone. She did not willingly let him inside. I see him sliding in through a glass door. He is wearing black as he normally does, and I see him wearing leather gloves very clearly. I see rope wrapped around his hand. He liked to surprise women, this is when they were most vulnerable. He enjoyed playing off their vulnerability.  With her strong struggle and fight, I see she did get skin under her fingernails. I feel there is DNA somewhere, and I feel like if pressed he may crack about this murder. The way he did it, he is proud of himself. He enjoys what he does, and never thought he would get caught, I feel he wants credit now. He is a cold-hearted relentless predator, Beverly had a hand with him getting caught last time. I do not see him behind bars now, yet I do see him being behind them at one point. I picked up cars, or a car, last time ... I’m not sure why. I see him being questioned about her, and I see there is involvement with a car – he may have worked on his car... car trouble. He fancied her, it was an obsession with her. He wanted her sexually. This murder was violent, overkill, because this Predator, this serial killer, didn’t know how to control himself at that time. He was obsessed, and he was pissed off. Plain evil.

     I feel this man will be caught eventually for this. It is like she is trying to get him caught, put away to prevent others from hurting. She is trying to get him caught from the other side. She wants to save other women, he will not change, I am being told there are many. They have killed many more than they are aware of, and he will continue because he cannot stop. He cannot control himself. He started killing much younger than this with animals. He has a hatred toward women. Demons drive him. I am being shown what I think to be the British flag. He changes his name so often; it would be very hard to tell what name he is going by. In my reading before, I mentioned Tom and Chris... I feel these names are important to him. I am unsure if he has used these names, but I see them coming in and that he changes his name so much. I am now being shown the name Jordan. It may be someone close to him. I feel he can be caught. This may sound stupid, I do not know much about your Podcast, but I feel if this story is told – talk about these visions, talk about him. Someone will hear it and it will ring a bell, he will come forward into the light. He thinks he is untouchable; he will want to talk to you Shane. To you specifically. He will want to boaster. Other countries will hear you. This will ring more bells; this crime will sound familiar. People will hear it, will share it, it will reach him. Millions will hear it. I can see hats, looks to be tilted to the side. Long Coats. Black Boots. He liked to wear dark clothing, black. Just like his soul."


Our #1 Suspect

Harry Joseph Madol

     When the medium told me her visions, I had absolutely no idea who she could be referring to as the man who murdered Beverly. At that time, I had only known of the boys who were in Beverly's life that the community felt were suspects - which as you can tell did not sound like the man in these visions. None-the-less, I decided to go ahead and send the reading to Carol. What could it hurt? 

     To my surprise, Carol reached out to me and explained how she was blown away at the accuracy this medium displayed - and that he pointed directly at one of her top suspects: Harry Joseph Madol. 

     Harry Madol was a violent person by age two, and was accused of breaking and entering at age 9. By 17 he was in and out of 17 behavioral institutions and schools. He attacked three women at knife point raped his step mother, and threatened to kill his two half-siblings - all by age 17. 

     When Madol's mom divorced her husband in 1964, Harry moved back to Garfield Heights, Ohio. Three months after his return, Beverly Jarosz was murdered. 

     Not long after Beverly's murder, Madol was caught hiding in a Closet after he stabbed a pregnant woman. Police noted that Madol had scars on his face and arms, so Immediately contacted the detective working Beverly's murder case. 

     Harry Madol has no alibi during the time of Beverly's Murder. Both Alibi's given to detectives turned out to be false.

     Aren't convinced of Madol's possible involvement? We spoke to someone we consider an expert in Beverly's case, and she discussed in detail with us Madol's life - and facts that could link him to Beverly's murder. I must insist on you hearing Diane's own words, after all - she is the one who has spent years researching this case. 

Have a story to share about your experience with Madol? Contact me at Shane@AmericanCrimeCast.com

Harry - if you read this, I too invite you to contact me to let me know what you were doing between the hours of Noon and 5pm on December 28th, 1964. 


Most Recent Photo of Harry Madol

Most Recent Photo Found of Harry Madol

Most Recent Photo Found of Harry Madol

Beverly's Poetry Book

     Carol and Myself are very happy to announce that together we will be publishing the beautiful poetry of Beverly's. This poetry book will include all of Beverly's known poems, will feature full color photos, a note from Carol to her sister, and an ending written by myself. All proceeds from this Poetry Book will go toward starting a scholarship fund for the students at Trinity High School, formerly Mary Mount High School - of which Beverly attended at the time of her death. 

     We will be starting a KickStarter soon to help fund the publishing of the book, which will be titled Unfulfilled. To receive updates on the book, simply sign-up for our newsletter below. You can also email myself to be added to the e-mail list for updates. Or you can of course download our App in the App Store or Google Play, as we will push notification updates through each milestone of the process. 

The front and back cover of the Full Color Poetry Book

The front and back cover of the Full Color Poetry Book

Beverly's Poetry Book

Beverly's Poetry Book

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