{Archived} Unsolved Murder of Nevaeh Buchanan

The Unsolved Murder of Nevaeh Buchanan

On May 24th, 2009, five year old Nevaeh Buchanan was playing outside her apartment complex in Monroe, Michigan, when she was abducted. Massive searches were put together - all coming up empty handed. Finally, 11 days after her abduction - her tiny body was found in a shallow grave - covered by cement. 

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During our Podcast you will hear an exclusive interview with a cousin of Nevaeh's - who has took the lead in fighting for justice in her horrific murder. We discuss the events that lead up to the abduction, details about the Autopsy and Toxicology Reports, as well as a live walk-thru of the very place her tiny body was buried alive in. 

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The Shallow Grave

The TimeLIne 

May 24th, 2009. Monroe, Michigan. 

Nevaeh was abducted on Memorial Day Weekend, that day she started at a friends house - which was in another apartment in the complex she lived in with her mother. Her mom, mom's friend, and mom's friend's young daughter picked Nevaeh up at this apartment so they could walk to K-Mart using a path in the woods. 

Some say Nevaeh never returned from K-Mart, while others say they don't recall seeing her mom return from the trip either. Mom's friend's little girl that accompanied them on the trip - is quoted as saying "The Monster Took Nevaeh". 

To listen to a full explanation of the mom's memory of what happened, and the other neighbor's differing timeline - take a listen to Nevaeh's Podcast episode. 

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Nevaeh's cousin, Risa Smith, started a Not-for-profit company to help find justice for Nevaeh - as well as help other young children in Nevaeh's community. Please, if you would like to help - consider donating money to this organization. They arrange events, where kids can have a good time playing games and creating crafts, and eat a warm meal. Justice for Nevaeh also offers scholarships in Nevaeh's name. To help make a difference in her community, you can donate any amount using this donate button below.


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