Unsolved: Joanne "Jody" LeCornu

Due to the nature of this case and the pending lawsuit against Baltimore County Police Department, some information will not be included in the case log and podcast. 

On the morning of Saturday, March 2, 1996, Joanne "Jody" LeCornu, was fatally shot in the Caldor Parking Lot in Baltimore City.  Jody survived long enough to drive across the highway to the Giant Store shopping center, located in Baltimore County, where she died.   

Based on interviews and eyewitness accounts, a fragmented timeline of her activities leading up to her death, will be revealed. 

On the morning of Friday, March 1, 1996, Jody had an argument with her longtime boyfriend, that ended with him telling her not to come home.  Jody reported to her job at a Eastern Savings Bank.  Jody then proceeded to the Mount Washington Tavern, where she was a frequent patron.  

 According to witnesses she was there until closing time, when she had been asked to drive an employee home, that was unable to drive.  After dropping the employee off, Jody then drove to a local liquor store and purchased beer.  She made her way to the Caldor parking lot, where she  parked her white Honda Civic.   

The weather was cold and it was snowing causing the roads to be slick.  

While in the parking lot, according to phone records and interviews, Jody made a few calls.  One was to the Mount Washington Tavern, where she spoke to the bartender.  The bartender stated, that Jody had been looking for the owner, who had already left.  She didn't leave a message.   

The second call was to her friend, but instead of reaching her friend, she reached the friend's boyfriend.  This call lasted about two and a half minutes. 



Shortly, thereafter, a white car pulled up to Jody's car.  The driver of the white car, got out of his car and approached Jody.  Jody rolled down her window.  (at this point the following is based on eyewitness accounts, video footage)  Words were exchanged, the male was walking away from Jody's car, as she was pulling away, pulled out a gun and fired a single shot, through the driver's side rear window, shattering the window, going through the upper part of the driver's seat, enteringJody's back severing her spine. A witness called 911, reporting a shooting.  

Witnesses reported seeing, Jody make her way across the highway, into the shopping center, circling the parking lot and coming to a stop when she hit a curb.  It was reported that, the shooter followed Jody, and got out of their car.  The shooter was identified as an African American Male, age 25 to 30, height 5-10" to 6'0", weighing 200 to 220 pounds, wearing a Green Fatigue jacket, driving what is believed to be a white BMW.  The shooter approached Jody's car, put the car in park and removed an unknown item from the vehicle.  He slowly returned to his vehicle and drove away.   

The Cameras were not working, where Jody died.  There was a Giant store, Boston Market and a gas station.  There was deliveries being made to the Boston Market and the gas station was open at the time of the shooting, having at least six witnesses to this crime. 

Due to jurisdiction issues, where Jody died opposed to where she was shot would be the determining factor on who would handle the case. , The shooting took place in Baltimore City, but Jody died in Baltimore County.  So it became Baltimore County's case.  

Despite eyewitnesses, video footage, finger prints and DNA no arrest has been made in this case. 

Up to this point there are three suspects, all fitting the description of the suspect.  

The first is that of Jody's friend's boyfriend. Even though it is reported that he did not drive, the girlfriend owned a white VW and he was aware of Jody's location.   

A second suspect, who had strong ties to the Mount Washington Tavern, was a known drug dealer and it was stated that both he and Jody were friends.  

The final suspect, was reported to have told a prostitute that he had shot a white woman in the Caldor parking lot.   

Two of the suspects are in custody, but on non-related issues.   

For over two decades, Jody's twin sister, Jenny Carrieri,  has advocated for the arrest and conviction of her sister's murderer.  She has been met with resistance from the Baltimore County Police Department. The Baltimore City Police Department offered their help in the investigation, but was turned down by Baltimore County, despite stated that they were understaffed.  

Two of the three suspects are in custody, but have yet to be interviewed. Jenny, along with her attorney, have been fighting with Baltimore County Police Department, to release the files pertaining to Jody's murder.  They have been denied access to the files and evidence.  Outside agencies have offered to help in the investigation, but have been turned down as well.   

There is a $32,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Jody's killer.  

If you have any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of Joanne "Jody" LeCornu, please contact: 

 Metro Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (866) 7-LOCKUP 



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{Written by Michele Smith & Samantha Taylor}