{Archived} Cold Murder Case of Garth Rector

During the late hours on a chilly March evening, Garth Rector was found viciously murdered in the house he was renting at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana. When police arrived, they discovered Garth had been shot five times with a small caliber gun shortly after arriving home from work. With no arrests made, Garth's murder case has gone unsolved for eight years. 

Garth's Sister reached out to us at American CrimeCast asking for our help.

Hello Sir, My name is Angie Rector Mock, my brother Garth Rector was murdered.. and his murder is still unsolved. It would be amazing if you could include his case in your cold case reports..
— Angie Rector Mock, Garth's Sister

Who was Garth Rector?

Garth Gene Rector was born in Muncie, Indiana on February 9th 1960. While attending school, he kept a strong focus on wrestling. Having an athletic physique and driving a 1968 Chevy Camaro, Garth stayed very popular with girls. He graduated from Muncie Southside High School in 1978. 

With his sister playing match maker, Garth went on his first date with Angie Beerbower Rector. Not long after, the two married and together had a daughter: April. During their 27 years of marriage, Garth and Angie would often pray together with April before bed, sometimes including a song or two in the routine. Garth also coached April's softball team.

Garth had a true passion for wrestling. With his desire to succeed, he was the assistant wrestling coach for Delta High School, followed by Yorktown High School, and finally Muncie Central High School. Garth even personally coached three of his nephews in AAU wrestling in his spare time. Garth became a true mentor and role model to all the kids he worked with. He also was highly involved with his church, Union Chapel in Muncie. He touched the lives of many in his community. 

For more than 25 years, Garth worked for Ball State University in the shipping and receiving side of Dinning Services.

The Murder

The house Garth rented at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana

The house Garth rented at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana

On March 21st, 2008, Good Friday, Garth planned to finish packing for a trip to California for his sister's retirement from the Marines. His plan was to get home after work that early afternoon, pack, and meet his daughter April at the Indianapolis Airport in the very early morning; but his plans quickly changed. Garth stayed at work a couple hours later than he planned, not leaving campus until around 2:30 pm. On his way home, he stopped at a Marsh Supermarket in Muncie to purchase snacks for his trip. 

Garth arrived at his house between the hours of 5 and 6pm, parking his car in the front and not in his normal place behind the house. 

It is believed that Garth was surprised by someone in his kitchen. Wether it be he surprised an intruder, or someone was there lying in wait, garth was found wearing the same clothes he worked in - he even still had his jacket on. Garth was shot five times, with a small caliber gun, by someone who started the first shot at a distance and slowly moved closer to him. The shots landed in his back, right shoulder, right forearm, and twice in the neck. 

The woman Garth rented the house from discovered Garth's body at 9:45pm. During his break with his wife, Garth had been seeing her. She had left work early as she said she had gotten worried when Garth hadn't returned her messages. When she arrived, she stated all the lights were off in the house, and garth's vehicle was parked in front of the house. As she entered the home, she noticed the Marsh grocery bag lying on the counter next to Garth's keys. As she walked further into the room, she saw the horrific scene of Garth's body lying in a pool of blood.

When police arrived, they noticed a broken window in the backside door leading into the garage. Police consider this to be the method the shooter used to enter the house, as it is plausible for someone to unlock the door with the window broken. 

Neighbors reported a black vehicle driving down the road at a high rate of speed that afternoon. Additionally, at the time a school bus had passed the property, it was reported that a light colored vehicle was coming out of the driveway.

Robbery seems unlikely, as Garth had about $300 in cash still in his pocket that he planned to use on the trip to California. Also lying on the kitchen counter was an envelope containing $1,200, which garth had collected for a basketball pool. 

Garth's Murder seems to be a crime of passion. By all accounts, women liked Garth - and Garth liked women. While on his break with his wife, Garth had been with a couple women - some consider it plausible for a boyfriend or husband of one of these women to be someone who could have a reason to murder Garth so viciously. 

Photo Garth messaged to his Family the day before his Murder

Photo Garth messaged to his Family the day before his Murder

Family's Plea 

Garth's Family want answers. Why someone would murder someone they love so heartlessly, and they ask for your help to bring justice to this case. 

Shortly after the murder of her son, Garth's mother suffered from a stroke. Eight years later, his mother now suffers from vascular dementia and there are some days she doesn't remember that Garth was murdered.

Somedays mom will ask about Garth, and she will mention that she hasn’t heard from him in a while. To save her from the repeated heartache, I just tell her ‘Mom, Garth called you just the other day,’ and mom will go with it and will just move the conversation to something else.

Who to Contact?

Anonymous Tips can be called into Muncie Crime Stoppers at 765-286-4050. If you have information please contact the Delaware County Sheriff Department at 765-747-7881. 

There is a $10,000 reward for the tip leading to justice in Garth's case. 

Garth Walk 

After the horrible feelings the family had to suffer losing a loved one to murder, they have started the "Garth Walk" in Muncie. Annually, people in the community meet to walk in memory to those lost to violent crimes. This year's Garth Walk will take place on August 13th at 2pm across from Muncie City Hall at Policeman's Park. American CrimeCast will be present this year for the walk. If you are familiar with the feeling of grief, we invite you to join us - walk in memory of the grief we all share.. while we remember Garth and other victims lost to violent crimes. 

Contact us to find out more information about Garth Walk. If you are interested in being a Sponsor for Garth Walk in Muncie, Indiana - Contact us and we will put you into contact with the coordinators for the walk. 

What I do is not important. It’s not big, its not massive, buts its all i know to do. I have to keep fighting for Garth, because I am his voice.
— Angie Rector Mock, Garth's Sister

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