{Archived} Unsolved: Beverly Jarosz - Part 3, The 52nd Anniversary

     Today marks the 52nd Anniversary of the December 28th, 1964 unsolved murder of Beverly Jarosz. To ensure that fifty-two years after this horrific murder shook the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Garfield Heights - we released a podcast episode featuring an exclusive interview with the lead detective on Beverly's murder case. GHPD Detective Carl Biecki provides an insight on the case, discussing avenues explored in 1964, 2003, and today. Together with case-expert Diane McClellan and Detective Carl Biecki we further explore our leading suspect Harry Joseph Madol.

    Interestingly enough, during one of Diane's routine searches for new information on Harry Joseph Madol, she stumbled upon a review he left of Stieg Larsson's biography - 'The Man Who Left Too Soon'. During her research, Diane discovered Stieg Larsson's book and subsequent movie 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' - and took note of the eerie events that coincide with the background of Harry Joseph Madol and Beverly Jarosz's murder.  (The movie Diane watched is specially the original Swedish movie with English Subtitles)

    The review by 'Dr' Harry Joseph Madol can be found here.


    Harry Joseph Madol's location is currently unknown, but as Detective Carl Biecki explains during his interview - he is very much a person of interest in the case. 



You can listen to the full podcast episode here.

Just select this Part 3 Anniversary episode in the player. 

In an effort to fulfill Beverly's dream of publishing her poetry - we worked with her sister Carol Bartos and did just that. 'Unfulfilled, a book of poetry by Beverly Jarosz' can be purchased by following the link below. 

All profit from this book funds the Beverly Jarosz Literary Award at the high school Beverly attended up until her death. An unknown person took Beverly's life away in 1964, but with this book and her Memorial Literary Award - her memory and talent will outlive this tragedy.  

Donate to Beverly's Literary Award Fund