{Archived} Disappeared: Angela Barlow - Part 1

     Angela Barlow's last known communication was at 11:45pm on October 26th, 2016 - when she sent a photo over snapchat to her friends.

     Myself and Angie (as she is known to those who love her) share several mutual friends, so within twenty-four hours of her disappearance I was contacted. 'Hey Shane, an old friend of mine hasn't been seen or heard from for more than a day.. completely not like her.. is there anything you can do to help', one text message said. I wasn't too certain what I could do - as up until this point the unsolved cases I had worked were several years old. Yet, I found I could not turn someone down who was asking for help in finding their friend.

     It is an absolute understatement to describe to you the grief and heartache Angie's family and friends are experiencing. 

We just want our daughter. Our other girls just want their big sister. Our parents just want their granddaughter. Her friends just want their friend back. This is torture. This is what hell on Earth feels like. Someone is responsible for this. We just love and miss our baby girl... She is someone. She is our world.
— Christina Barlow-Kramer, Angela's Mother

     As a Private Investigator, and Host & Producer of American CrimeCast - a True Crime Documentary Podcast, I knew immediately that I wanted to reach out to Angie's family in an effort to create an episode on her disappearance. During my initial interview with Christina and Steve (Angela's parents) for the Podcast, we discussed the circumstances that lead up Angie's last moment of contact - as well as the known facts on her Missing Person case. Confusion and pain was evident from the very moment they walked into my office - wearing shirts made to keep the public aware of their daughter's disappearance. 

     The sound of cell phone notifications played several times throughout the interview, as Christina explained since their daughter's disappearance they keep the sound on high at all times - just in case Angie tries calling. With each notification came a quick look at the phone, followed quickly by the look of disappointment. Angie has not been seen or heard from since the night she was at an apartment for a party at 7652 Harcourt Rd, Indianapolis, IN.

     A Muncie, Indiana native - Angie had moved to Indianapolis to live with one of her best friends to live a life she could call her own. At 23 years old, Angie worked as a dancer at Club Rio (5054 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254) and Rick's Cabaret (3551 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222).  

     The last time Angie was seen was at the apartment of Raven and Baron McCullough JR at 7652 Harcourt Rd, A11, Indianapolis, IN. The circumstances behind Angie being there, as well as the story provided by both Raven and Baron is fuzzy to say the very least. Raven and Baron's story was that Angie came to their apartment for a private party, and then left later that night after receiving a couple phone calls from an unknown male. 

     Here is where their story starts to have holes. I spoke to one of Angie's good friends, who she also worked with at one of the clubs - this interview is also featured on our podcast episode. This friend explained that Angie would never have agreed to do a private party alone for someone she did not know and trust. However, Angie had just returned home from Florida and really could have used the $500 Raven and Baron offered to pay her. As a very cautious person, Angie told her friends all about where she was going, and she was clear in explaining she was to be dancing for a private party - one in which there would be plenty of people around. This is the first contradiction to Raven and Baron's story. 

     Second, Raven and Baron said after Angie received the phone calls - she left the apartment and that was the last time they saw her. However, the apartment complex confirmed through security cameras that when Angie's car left the gated parking lot - Raven's car immediately followed. When Raven's car returned 37 minutes later, Angie's car was no where to be seen. Because of the lighting, they could not confirm who was driving either car. 

     Third, Angie planned to go into work later that night with her friend - but never showed. The time she would have to have left to go to the club was a couple hours past the time Raven and Rock said she left. Angie was a very active cell phone user, always posting on social media, sending text messages, and sending snap chats - she was very good at keeping her friends in 'the know' on what she was doing. 

     Finally, Angie never told anyone she was leaving the apartment of Raven and Baron's. Her friends and family say that is very out of character for her. This can be seen, along with her feeling of being slightly uncomfortable with the party, when she sent a message to her friends as she entered the gated parking lot at the apartment complex. The message joking said "In case I come up Missing LOL", and included a screen shot of her conversation with Raven that provided the apartment's address and gate code. 

     Several things come to my mind as these facts came to light. Why would Angie message her friends to tell them where she was going, but not tell them when she left? Why would Angie not update her friend that she planned to go into work with if she was running late or had alternative plans? But the question that I really would like answers to, is why Raven and Baron's story seems to contradict the known facts of that evening?

     These questions, and more are discussed in our Part 1 episode on Angie's disappearance. This episode will be released here on Tuesday, January 17 - and its absolutely free to listen to - which I hope you will and I hope you will share it. 

     Angie is a real person, with a real family and real friends that love her - and miss her very dearly. If you have any information on the disappearance of Angela Barlow please do not hesitate to contact the Indianapolis Marion County Police Department at 317-327-3811. Anonymous TIPS can be called in at 1-800-222-TIPS. Angie's case number is PD16130374. 

     If you have any information, please come forward. A loved one is now known by a number, PD16130374 - this is not okay. Help us bring Angie home.