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I have never met someone who doesn't love to watch tv shows that deal with murder - and I am not sure I would want to! Our need to thrill ourselves by trying to solve the crime only proves each of us wants to be a detective. I am sure I can speak for most when I say the time I can devote to sitting down to watch one of these TV shows is far and in-between. It seems like each week my schedule gets tighter, and I just can't seem to find the time to fit one of these shows in. Well, now there is American CrimeCast. A show for the person who is on the go, but would still like to get their True Crime fix. More than just a True Crime show, we are actually helping people. Two birds, one stone.

What is American CrimeCast?

American CrimeCast is a True Crime Documentary Podcast, offering a platform for the family and friends who are seeking help with their loved one's Cold Murder or Cold Missing Person case. More than just an explanation of the facts behind the crime, we also set a strong focus on telling the story of who their loved one is. Too often we see the crime being told in a way that dehumanizes the victim; we are wanting to change that. At the foundation of each case we work on, you will find us describing the victim as a person. After all, these people are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters - and they deserve to be treated as such. 

Along with each Podcast episode, you will find a matching Case Log on our website. The Case Log is a blog devoted to telling more about the victim, as well as give more details about the crime. This blog is also set up to allow comments, so if our readers and listeners have questions about the case - they can simply leave their questions here. This is also where you will be able to find update on the cases we work, as well as discover all the photos we have on the case. 

The podcast features a documentary style version of who the victim is, and most of this information is sourced straight from the people who loved them. Our listeners will hear interviews we have with the family, and will hear the plea the family has for wanting someone to come forward with information. From working closely with the family, you will also hear details about how these cases effect the family members - as well as their perspective on the circumstances behind it. 

The Host is a Stand-Up Comedian? 

A common question I receive from people who find out about the work we are doing, is why the Host and Producer is a Stand-Up Comedian. Often we are asked how a stand-up comedian could make cold cases humorous, the answer is we do not. For myself, Shane L. Waters, being a Stand-Up Comedian has allowed me to be a great story teller - and that is one of the qualities I bring to the team. I know first hand the suffering we each have in our everyday lives, yet I have found when you are laughing you experience unrestricted happiness - and I strive for these moments. I always remind people to not let titles fool you, as behind being a Stand-Up Comedian, you will find I am much more. 

While attending college around 2011, I was an Intern with a crime lab for one of America's largest cities. As my college major was Forensic Science, this internship offered great experience and brought me to the scene of many murders. With each murder scene I witnessed, I found it increasingly difficult to keep an unattached mindset - which was important in the field of Forensic Science. One of the cases that has stuck with me through the years, was one at a small cozy house in the city. An elderly lady had been killed through an act of kindness, seemingly while allowing someone in to use the phone. After she lead them into her kitchen, where her phone was hung on the wall, the suspect took the phone and beat the lady's face until she was dead. 

You can not put a value on someone's life, yet the thought of someone being killed for no more than $40 seems even more unfathomable. The grandchildren to the victim told us their grandmother never carried more than $40 in cash, and money was all that was taken from the home. I will never forget the tears of these grandchildren, and to this day can not begin to imagine the pain they felt. A simple tip could bring the killer to justice, the news coverage had reported. Something that really got to me was how the crime was the only story being told - not much care was put into telling the community about who the victim was. She was a person. She was loved. There were 65 years of living that happened prior to her opening the door for a stranger to asking to use her phone - yet somehow that story was missed. 

My heart aches for the family and friends who lose someone they love in a violent crime that has gone unsolved. I started this journey with American CrimeCast to help these families tell their stories - in hopes our kindness will help make a difference. 

Where can I listen? 

Easily the most common question we are asked is "What is a Podcast?" The best answer we can come up with is to think of it like a radio show - that you can listen to when it is convenient for you. Driving to work, at the gym, cleaning the house, or while working are all perfect times to tune in to our show. What makes a Podcast so enjoyable is that you can download and listen to each episode on your own time. You can listen from our website, on iTunes, and smart phones have several options to tune in. 

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