{Archived} Missing:Marina Boelter

On December 31st, 2014, 18 year old Marina Boelter disappeared.

Having just moved into the city of Bloomfield, Indiana, Marina was last seen being dropped off at a closed down pizza joint across the street from her apartment. 

Marina Boelter got off work at 6:00 pm and was spotted outside the IGA grocery story (her employer) speaking with a man in a car. Witnesses say Marina's ex-boyfriend DJ Lockhart, accompanied by three mutual friends, pulled into the parking lot shortly after. DJ was unsuccessful in talking Marina into joining them for the evening, witnesses state that the car DJ was in went in one direction - while the man drove Marina in the direction of her apartment. 

The driver stated Marina did not want him to know where she lived, so she asked him to drop her off at a closed down pizza restaurant. Her plan was to wait until he drove off before then walking to her apartment. This is the last known sighting of Marina Boelter.

Cell tower pings explained that shortly after the time Marina would be been dropped off, her cell phone no longer accesses the cell towers - hinting that someone may have destroyed the phone. The identity of the driver is unknown to the public, however Police say they have spoken and questioned the man.

Unfortunately, Marina was surrounded by men with horrible backgrounds. A man that lived in the same apartment building was once in prison after being charged with Murder after he Raped and Tortured a young girl - including removing her eye balls and lighting her body on fire. The man who dropped Marina off also is said to have had priors, including abduction and attempted rape. 

Marina's former boyfriend, D.J. Lockhart, and also the father to Marina's son, also has a troubled past. D.J. was known to be jealous, and once admitted to breaking into Marina's apartment in order to spy on her to see if she was with another guy (they were not together at that time). Since Marina's disappearance, D.J. was killed when he entered the home of a man rumored to have once slept with Marina, and was consequently stabbed twice in self-defense. 

Shortly before leaving the IGA grocery story that evening, Marina was on the phone with a man she had been seeing. The man was considerably older than Marina, and was married, however Marina confirmed her plans to attend his house party later that evening. The next day, after this man never heard from Marina - he contacted the IGA grocery store and learned Marina did not show up to work. At that time this man, and Marina's manager, reported her missing to the police. 

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