{Archived} The Mysterious Death of Jim Morrison


Celebrities are shadowed by secrecy in life and even in death.  Their fans are touched by them in ways that no one else can understand.  Their music,  their movies, their poetry, their books... The lists can go on forever.  Now music is the one outlet that touches people's souls more than any other entertainment outlet.  One can feel it, in their hearts, the souls,  their whole bodies.  When a musician passes away, especially ones that individuals have an unspoken bond with, it cuts deeply.  They feel that part of them has died with that musician. Their music helped those through good times and bad times.  When they hear certain songs, they can transport themselves back to when that song impacted their lives.  They can tell you, what they were doing, who they were with and what was going on in their lives when they heard a certain song. 
     When a celebrity dies under mysterious circumstances, or their followers believe there is more to the story than what is being told, conspiracy is thrown around.  Did they really die, did they fake their deaths, were they murdered, etc.?   One of those celebrities who's death has been shrouded in darkness for decades is that of, The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison. 
A lot of people will say, oh he was found dead in the bathtub from a drug overdose.  That is what the news reported, what the authorities reported, that is what his girlfriend reported, but is that really what happened? 
     Jim was famous for pushing the limits with the authorities and his performances.  He was a heavy drinker and according to close friends, he never did hard drugs, he hated them.  It was a known fact that he had a fear of needles and that is why he didn't do heroin.   Numerous times, Jim stated that he was going to fake his own death, and run off to Africa and change his name to Mr. Mojo Risin', an anagram for Jim Morrison.  
     Jim began to tire of his physical and mental deterioration and he wanted to escape. So he fled to Paris, France, to get clean and healthy, with his longtime girlfriend, Pamela Courson. 
The events leading up to and including his death are murky at best.  The closest person to Jim at the time is dead. Pamela Courson, died of a heroin overdose three years to the day following Jim's death.  The following is based on what was reported, by Courson, Alain Ronay, who was a friend of Jim's and Courson's, at the time of Jim's death. 
      Because of Jim's fear of needles and never had done heroin. It is rumored that Courson had told Jim that, the heroin was cocaine and that they snorted it.  If someone hasn't tried heroin, it is normal for them to become ill.  Courson stated that she remembered, Jim stating that he was feeling sick, started to cough and then coughed up a little bit of blood.  She wanted to call the doctor but Jim told her no and for her to draw him a bath  She found him after 6 am, July 3rd, 1971, submerged in the tub, unresponsive. The fireman and the police were called, but they stated it was too late. 
     This is where things become even stranger.  The attending physician, Dr. Max Vasille, didn't examine Jim's body right away.  It is reported that Jim's body was kept wrapped in plastic and on dry ice, in the apartment for three days, until the funeral arrangements were made.  Courson had ordered the cheapest coffin possible, equivalent to $75 USD, and was waiting for its delivery.   During those three days, is when Dr. Vasille visited the apartment and signed the Certificate of Death.  No autopsy was performed.   
     The Door's manager, Bill Siddons, arrived in Paris on July 6th.  He did not see Jim's body because the casket had already been sealed.  Ronay, negotiated with the Cemetery for a 30-year lease to have Jim buried in Pere La Chaise Cemetery.  That lease expired in 2001 and the "body" is still there. 
     When Siddons and Courson returned stateside, Siddons stated that he attended Jim's funeral and that he died peacefully of natural causes.  Courson had lied to the American Embassy stating that Jim had no immediate family, which led to a quick burial, she couldn't remember the physician's name, it wasn't illegible and there wasn't even a priest present for last rites. 
Jim's, bandmates, questioned his death as well.  Keyboardist, Jay Manzarek asked Siddons, How do you even know that was Jim's was in the coffin. How do you know it wasn't  150 pounds of F****ing sand.?" 
     So, with that being said, what really happened to Jim Morrison?  Who are what is buried in Jim Morrison's marked grave? Did he really die?  Did he fake his death to get away from fame?  Those who really know are gone or aren't talking.....   

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