{Archived} Part 2: Case Notes of the Unsolved Murder of Hailey Dunn

Hailey Dunn American CrimeCast Script: Part Two (Listen to the podcast episode HERE)

During our last episode, American CrimeCast introduced you to the case involving a young west Texan teen named Hailey Darlene Dunn.

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In this episode, we bring you part two of Hailey’s case. After the polygraphs were administered, it seems that this case began to slowly evolve into more of a beast than anyone could have ever imagined. It was clear by this point that Hailey was not a runaway, something had happened to her. The case had caught national attention and was a hot topic on Nancy Grace. With the failure of the polygraph tests, Hailey’s mother Billie Dunn, as well as her boyfriend Shawn Adkins were put under the microscope. It wasn’t long before Texas Rangers executed a search of the Dunn’s family home and seized evidence. Hailey’s face was a common sight for most of the people in west Texas by now, as fliers covered the area. Huge billboards were eventually put up with the young girl’s picture, begging the public to call in with any information that might help with the investigation.

As the search intensified, law enforcement seemed to zero in on Billie’s live in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. Circling back to what Shawn had previously said about his whereabouts, this information clearly does not sync up. According to the affidavit, quote "In the course of the missing person investigation, investigators noted numerous inconsistencies in statements made by Adkins on and around the date of Hailey Dunn's disappearance. According to Adkins, he was fired from his job at WSI in Snyder on Monday, 12-27-10. Adkins later informed investigators he quit his job after an altercation with his supervisor. Investigators were informed by Adkin's employer that Adkin's was a good employee and had not been fired. Investigators were also informed that Adkins did not have any altercation with supervisors on Monday, 12-27-2010, and further stated Adkins arrived on the premises according to their records at 6:00 AM on Monday, 12-27-2010; went into the break room and purchased a Dr. Pepper out of the vending machine, looked at the supervisor without saying a word, and then left the premises at 6:10am." Unquote.

This is quite different than the story Adkins had previously given about him arriving home from work on 12-27-10 around 3:00 PM. Shawn had told investigators that after he had allegedly quit his job, which was located in Snyder, Texas, that he went straight to his mother's home in Big Spring, Texas. However, the telephone records that were obtained tell a different story. According to the records, Adkin's cell phone was using a tower that was in the area of Colorado City, Texas between 6:35am to 6:56am. Then there was another ping off a tower in the area of Big Spring, TX, from 9:38am through 2:40 PM. According to the affidavit, Billie Dunn said she left her home in Colorado City, Texas to her job in Snyder, Texas around 6:20am.

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The affidavit also states that numerous pages of stories about serial killers, sexual sadists, mass murderers, family murders, and motives for murders were found in the Dunn home. According to Billie and Shawn, this was just a hobby of theirs and was misconstrued as something more. Although, most of us who have an affinity for all things true crime know that this could be completely harmless, but we also know this information can mean different things in different scenarios.

According to court documents, the home shared by Dunn, Adkins and Hailey, had been the location of a domestic dispute back in February 2010. The affidavit says Adkins allegedly threatened to kill Billie Jean Dunn and Hailey Dunn during the dispute. Adkins initially denied that statement, but went on to confirm that he did make those statements.

Following Hailey's disappearance, Hailey's uncle told police that he had a conversation with Adkins about Hailey being missing. The uncle reportedly told Adkins he couldn't believe that someone would hurt a child. Adkins reported replied "yah, it's like killing a deer." According to the uncle, on previous occasions, Adkins had "talked often about how he kills deer and cuts them up with a chainsaw."

Around January 12, 2010, Shawn Adkins is officially named a person of interest. Law enforcement confirms that there are other people that they are also investigating, including her mother Billie. Shortly after this, Hailey’s paternal grandmother Connie Jones came forward and stated that Hailey had told her that she was afraid of him. She would see Shawn standing outside her bedroom door at night, she could see his leg and his shadow. Because of this, she had attempted about a year ago to get custody of Hailey. She said that she believes that Shawn raped and murdered Hailey. Billie Dunn says that this is the first she has ever heard of Hailey being afraid of Shawn, as well as of anyone else trying to get custody of her daughter. On January 14, 2010, Shawn Adkins is named a suspect in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

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As time goes on, Shawn Adkins starts refusing interviews. Law enforcement states that they will need more evidence to arrest Adkins.

As the search continues, it appears that things for Billie and Shawn are beginning to unravel. A series of 911 calls are released to the public that indicate rising tensions between the two.

(911 Calls – Billie Dunn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umiPSocvsQk)

Shortly thereafter, another 911 call was released, this time Shawn Adkins was calling in to report that Billie Dunn was suicidal in February 2010.

(911 Call – Shawn Adkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf5yOgtf5gI)

In the midst of all the drama, the searches for Hailey persist. By around January 20, 2010, the landfills in Colorado City, TX and Snyder, TX have been searched twice, even with cadaver dogs, as well as the landfill in Abilene, TX. It has been confirmed that nothing was found as a result of these searches. The authorities were continuing to follow leads, even some that were out of state, as everyone in west Texas watched their news feeds dutifully for anything new on Hailey’s case. On January 27, 2010…it marked a full month since Hailey went missing.

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