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Shane L. Waters

Private Investigator

Co-Host | Producer

Shane L. Waters is a Private Investigator with a background in Forensics and Investigation. For eight years Shane has also been a professional Stand-up Comedian, entertaining audiences in comedy clubs around the United States. As someone who is passionate about telling a story, Shane has been able to connect with thousands of club attendees in a very unique way. With his background in Psychology, he understands the condition of human suffering, and utilizes Comedy to provide an escape for his listeners. Shane believes that when someone is laughing, they are no longer suffering - and strives for those moments. 

Having studied Forensic Science, Shane founded American CrimeCast LLC knowing that 1/3 of all murders in the United States go unsolved. With his communication skills as a Stand-Up Comedian, his background in Forensic Psychology, and bring a Private Investigator, Shane hopes his efforts will help the family of victoms find harmony. 


Get to know your Co-Host:

-When did you become interested in true crime/mysteries?

    My first experience with liking mysteries stems from a childhood fascination with the ever-popular TV show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. I keenly remember going over to my Grandpa Waters’ home with my younger cousin Dalton and watching the double feature show, two hours hearing Robert Stack’s creepy voice narrating every mystery. “It's beyond me why they can’t find that guy when they caught the entire crime on camera,” my younger cousin would say before I would remind him what we were seeing was a reenactment. With this fascination of mysteries, I pursued a college degree in Forensic Science – graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology.

-What is one case has always stuck with you? Why?

    The case that has stuck with me the most is the Unsolved murder of little five-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan. Nevaeh was never able to enjoy the finer things in life, the moments that make life worth living – all because of the choice one coward made to end her life. Eleven days after Nevaeh was abducted from her apartment complex in Monroe, Michigan, she was found buried alive in a shallow grave – covered by cement. This was only the third episode we created for the Podcast, I will never forget the feeling of standing above the hole in the ground where she took her final breath. This was the first time I broke down, as I felt it impossible that anyone could do something so horrific to a young and innocent child.

-If you could solve one case/mystery what would it be? Why?

    I would love to be able to solve the Unsolved Murder of Beverly Jarosz. On December 28th, 1964, sixteen-year-old Beverly was found slain in her Garfield Heights, Ohio home. I now have the privilege of being friends with her younger sister Carol, and I know first-hand how this tragedy still affects her life. Being able to answer that question for her of who and why is at the top of my list.

-What got you into podcasting?

    I was first introduced to Podcasts while I would travel for several hours to do Stand-up. I started doing Stand-Up Comedy during my Junior year of College to pay for my education. The long drives would get boring quick, and there were so many hours I could stand to listen to music – so when I discovered audio entertainment in the form of a Podcast, all my problems were solved. While in college I studied Forensic Psychology, and I helped with investigative work during my 2-year internship with one of the nation’s largest Crime Labs. One day I started thinking about how I could combine my knowledge from my education with my experience in Entertainment from being a Stand-Up Comedian – and slowly the idea of a Podcast developed. I remember talking to my brother about it, and he told me I should give it a name. Once we came up with the name of American CrimeCast my idea became a reality – the rest is history.

-How did you decide to merge your podcasts?

    Speaking with Justin, I remember us talking about all the things our Podcasts have in common – as well as their differences. After a couple weeks of chatting, it only made sense to combine our efforts - as what one podcast lacked, the other excelled in. American CrimeCast was great at production, while Mysterious Circumstances was great at personifying the story for the listeners.

-How do you like to prepare for your cases?

    When I research cases I treat it like I would a normal Investigation. I start with the basics and strive for the facts – while not allowing outside thoughts or theories to intervene with my research. I have found the smallest details that are not factual may be the cause of a single case going Cold – so I find the smallest details important.

Justin Rimmel

Professional Badass


Justin Rimmel joins American CrimeCast as the previous host of another popular True Crime podcast 'Mysterious Circumstances'. 

Get to know your Co-Host:

-When did you become interested in true crime/mysteries?

Always have been interested in mysteries in general.

-What is one case has always stuck with you? Why?

The Haleigh Cummings case I did because the people involved know what happened but won't talk.

-If you could solve one case/mystery what would it be? Why?

Dyotlov Pass or Rodney Marks death at the South Pole. Because they are intriguing.

-What got you into podcasting?

Listening to other podcasts don't half assed research.

-What cases are you looking forward to doing in the future?

Live episodes Internationally.

-How did you decide to merge your podcasts?

Came to an agreement on a format and what we wanted to do.

-Are you open to doing paranormal cases?

Maybe even doing an overnight case? Yes and yes!!

-How do you like to prepare for your cases?

Research and drink beer 

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A Book of Poetry by Beverly Jarosz: Unfulfilled

Purchase Book on Amazon:

By Beverly Jarosz, Shane L Waters


Donate to the Beverly Jarosz Literary Fund

The Notorious Murder


If you speak to someone who lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1964, they likely will remember Beverly's Murder in Garfield Heights. Beverly was described as a beautiful, loving, intelligent, and kind 16 year-old Catholic girl. She attended the girl-only Catholic school of Marymount High School, and by all accounts - she had no enemies. Her loving family were close, and to this day just hearing them talk about her will remind you of their strong unconditional love for each other. 

December 28th, 1964 started out as any other Christmas-Break for this 16 year old Junior, and her 12 year old sister Carol. When Beverly returned home to start getting ready to meet with two of her best friends, an unknown person entered the home. Beverly was upstairs in the bedroom she shared with Carol, when this person strangled her with a rope - and stabbed her 42 times. 

Still, to this day - Beverly's Murder remains Unsolved.

IMG_0667 copy.jpg

The Story.

Beverly Jarosz was a victim of one of the most horrific murders of the Cleveland, Ohio area. On December 28th, 1964, this sixteen year old high school junior was slain in her home in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Fifty-two years later, American CrimeCast - a True Crime Documentary Podcast, worked with Beverly's sister Carol Jarosz Bartos to tell her story. With this book we are proud to present the poetry of this beautiful, loved, and talented young 16 year old girl. May her life go on to live forever within her own words. 

Beverly's Dream.


It wasn't a secret that Beverly enjoyed writing poems and short stories. Her younger sister Carol recalls Beverly making up bedtime stories for those nights when Carol couldn't quite fall asleep. As a Christmas present in 1964, Beverly's father gifted her an empty book for her to write her beautiful poetry in. She mentioned to him how one day she would like this poetry book published, it was one dream of Beverly's that her 90 year old mother Eleanor still remembers to this day. Unfortunately, three days after receiving this Christmas present - Beverly lost her life at the hands of an unknown killer.

 Using her typewriter, Beverly writes this poem describing her fear of a premature death. Specifically, she writes how "All my dreams would be unfulfilled...", and she expresses that her life " would have been in vain." 

Fulfilling Beverly's Dream

On that day in 1964, the unknown killer went into Beverly's home with the intention of never again allowing her to speak. When he left after the murder, I suspect he stole Beverly's diary - in hopes of ensuring nothing would be left behind, forever muffling this beautiful 16 year old. Little did he know, Beverly's poetry book survived. Now, 52 years after her brutal murder, we are fulfilling Beverly's dream. 

Together, we will give Beverly's voice back. 

Watch the Book's video:


Donate To Beverly Jarosz Literary Award